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Congratulations! You've just performed the most dangerous, impossible and unrealistic stunt since the beginning of Star Wars III! Your Airship exploded, crashed, exploded again, you got thrown off in the process and you and your airship are still in one piece.No reality in this game. Of course, if you've been paying attention, you'd know that already. Anyway. To pick up where we left off, after the last FMV plays, we switch to a cutscene where the Boss is giving orders to get everyone safe. Then we find out the princess is missing and everyone except the walking wounded and Cinna (the most worthless, useless piece of crap in the game) are out looking for her. Then you jump down from a cliff and get complemented by Cinna for surviving. Congrats! Our first ATE! It stands for Active Time Event. Just press select and you can see what's going on somewhere else in the world. Sometimes it will relate directly to the plot, sometimes it wont. Now you get to go out and look for her, too! Start by equipping the best stuff for yourself, it'll make things go a lot faster. Then save at the moogle and go to the bottom-right corner of the map to enter a new area!

Evil Forest Edit

Welcome to Evil Forest! The first part, anyway. I'll give you a couple of guys you'll see here:


HP: 40

Steal: Potion


HP: 70

Steal: Potion, Phoenix Down,

If you actually took the time to steal the third item from the Fang, I commend you on your patience. I didn't. Anyway, make sure you have everything equipped, then move on to the next map. Something's got the princess!

Semi-boss battle: Prison Cage/Garnet

HP: 513

Steal: None

Trance! That's a "Surge of Emotion" that enters a being and raises your power. Of course, we only care about the "Raising your power" part. Zidane goes into trance for this Semi-boss. Use his Dyne Free Energy, and in two rounds he'll flee like the coward he is.

Just when you thought he was gone, Vivi decides to idiotically step right where the thing was and get trapped by it. So now you have to fight it again.

Semi-boss Battle: Prison Cage/Vivi

HP: 533

Steal: Broad Sword, Leather Wrist

Yay! Finally, a more challenging boss! (though not very) Anyway, this time, you have Vivi's help instead of a trance. If you equipped the Mage Masher, this should be a quick fight. Remember not to kill him until you've stolen everything. At the same time, be careful of Vivi's HP. Don't take any chances. Anyway, after a few rounds, he'll let go of Vivi and fall down. Finally! Winning spoils from a Boss!

Anyway, just before he evaporates, that plant thing sprays some kind of gas or something on Vivi and Steiner, and the scene goes black. Next thing we know, Vivi wakes up in bed, while Blank's right next to him, giving him medicine and telling him how Zidane saved his life. Then we see Steiner being stubborn as usual, trying to go out and fins the princess, while two strange-looking executioner-type guys are shoving him into a room. After talking to himself a little, (see what a job like that'll do to you?) Steiner drinks the medicine after deciding it's not poison, and we move on. Zidane argues with the boss about going to get Garnet. The boss says no, and Zidane goes downstairs. Now we have three more ATEs. Once you're done watching them, go down the stairs and Blank'll walk out of a room, go into that room to see Vivi. There's 116 Gil on the top bunk if you want it. Collect the ether in the top-right corner, and talk to Vivi before you leave. Flash-backs? This early in the game? WTF?

Anyway, after you finish watching it, you have a choice. Go and get her, because you're going to anyway. Blank walks in. He can tell you're up to something right away. You tell him you're going, and he tells you to tell the boss. He's not upstairs anymore, but there are Bronze Gloves waiting for you instead. Come back down and collect the wrist in the treasure chest on the left side of the room. Collect it and exit, stage left. Go down the stairs, and go up to where the 38 Gil was before the ship got all tore up. There'll be a Rubber Helm there now.(extremely useful!) There's also a Leather hat in the southern room, if you want it. You can go outside if you want, but itr on't let you go into the forest without someone else. Go back inside and to the room where you found the rubber helm, then go right. Baku tells you he fell asleep waiting for you, then says he'll bust you up for breaking the rules. This guy fights as often as Steiner! And just as pointless! Before you fight him, there's a Potion in the Treasure Chest in this room.

Semi-boss battle: Baku

HP: 202

Steal: Hi-Potion, Iron Sword

Now you have to fight him. This is as pointless and easy as the other fights with this guy, minus the others in your team. Be sure to take everything before you kill him. At least he has better steals.

This is the first time Cinna's Item Shop will be available to you. If you plan on sticking around and training in the forest for a while, don't. You'll run into much easier and more experience-giving monsters soon. Make sure you have at least 10 Potions, though. Go back inside to Steiner's room and talk to him. He'll join your party and ask to get Vivi. There's an ether in a chest in that room. Go get Vivi too. After you talk and Zidane leaves, Steiner will ask Vivi about a Magic Sword experiment. I thought that was kind of ingenious, especially coming from someone like Steiner. On your way out, Blank'll talk to you and give you some medicine he gave Steiner and Vivi. Anyway, now you can continue into the forest and search for Princess Garnet.

As soon as you get to where you fought the Plant Semi-boss, you'll get an ATE. Watch it, then continue into the forest. two screens later, you'll come to a spring, and another ATE. Drink some water from the spring to restore your HP and MP, then save at the moogle. Gcontinue right for a couple of screens, and a mini-FMV will show an evil-looking plant thing. Yeah, you have to fight that. Of course, now that you've entered a new part of the Forest, there are new monsters!


HP: 170(ish)

Steal: Eye Drops, Tent, ore

Before moving to the next screen, make sure you DON'T have the Rubber Helm equipped to Steiner, and you have the Bronze Helm equipped instead. the Ability it gives, Bug Killer, will help enormously on this next boss.

Boss Battle: Plant Brain

HP: 916

Steal: Eye Drops, Iron Helm

Well, this is good. We walk in to see the now less evil-looking plant thing sucking the life out of Garnet, who's in the back. About half-way through the fight, Blank joins in. This is a pretty simple fight.

Anyway, after he dies, the hill the Big Plant Brain turns out to be a giant ant hill, and the giant ants pour out and start to follow you. They're so weak, I won't even put a description on here. You can kill them all by casting fire on them all at once, or by hitting them one by one with anyone but Vivi. Anyway, two screens later, an FMV shows Blank throwing you a map and petrifying in the now petrified Evil Forest. Now the princess wakes up, and a moogle flies out of the forest with an ATE. Afterwards, he gives you a moogle flute. It summons a moogle with square any time you're on the world map. Zidane, now the leader of the party, decides to go south to a cavern that might lead out of the mist.

Ice Cavern Edit

Walk south a bit, and you'll se a little blue hole on the side of the mountain, that's your destination. Wow, that was a short walk. If you get lost, don't worry, you'll only find Fangs and Goblins out here. When you get to the entrance, you'll have a cutscene that tells you the name of the Cavern you're entering. It even goes on to the next screen. Oh, if Steiner has learned Bug Killer, go ahead and equip the Iron Helm now, because the skill learned with the rubber helm is also available from your New Sword. If not, go ahead and do it anyway, because there are no bugs in here. It'll come in useful now. Anyway, here's a monster list for the cave:


HP: 75

Steal: Potion

Abilities: Head Attack, Blizzard


HP: 150

Steal: Potion, Potion,

Abilities: HP Switch, Blizzard

Cave Imp

HP: 75


Abilities: Sleeping Juice, Blizzard

That list might be incomplete. I didn't want to spend too much time in here. Anyway, I guess the most obvious place to start is that treasure chest. If you can't see it, you're blind. To get it, walk up in between the right edge of the place it's on and the plant, and a ! in a circle will appear, press X when you see the ! in the circle. This isn't the first time this'll happen. Get used to doing that. Get the treasure and jump up to the next level. Do you see the mist-blowing thingies? If you run into the streams of mist, you'll automatically get in a battle. They aren't too har, but I wouldn't recommend training there until everyone but Garnet is Lv. 5 and Garnet's lv. 3. Anyway, Go to the top ! and jump up two levels. Go on to the next screen. Go on the right path until it stops at a wall. Then there'll be an !. Press X for a small cut scene where you talk and Vivi burns down the wall. Get the treasure chest and move on your way. To get the treasure chest in the bottom-left, walk up and around the back of the plateau of ice blocking your way. Move on to the next screen. Go right, and towards the bottom, you'll see a !. Be sure to go up the little horn thing and get the treasure before pressing X there. As a reward, you'll get another Mage Masher. Whoopie. To the top-Left, there's another Vivi wall. this is an Elixer. Finally! Something worthing getting! Continue on. There's a Phoenix Dow in the chest on your right, and a Vivi wall to the top-left that leads to a Leather Wrist. Keep going up. Go to the top-left to find a moogle frozen in a block of ice! He'll cuss you out for burning him, then praise you for the same thing! Save and Rest. Don't forget to pick up a letter from him to Gumo. Go back down and around to keep going up. People will start falling down and going to sleep, while you wake up and move on to the next room.

Boss Battle: Black Waltz no. 1, Sealion

HP: 299| 472

Steal: Remedy, Silk Shirt | Ether, Mythril Dagger

This is a simple battle, but it can be very hard. Steal everything from the Black Waltz and kill him first, otherwise he'll heal Sealion every turn. Then make sure you steal the Mythril Dagger from Sealion, you'll need it. Also, if you get him to where his little orb thing is red, he'll get haste and use this move Tsunami. Have fun!

After you beat them, the clowns will tell you about the other two Waltzes, and you go back into the other room, where everyone is awake.

Go ahead and leave, unless you forgot something. Anyway, that concludes this page.

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